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"Café de Coopeldos", a coffee produced in order to satisfy demanding consumers.  
It has a balance between body and acidity we can also find in this coffee, a fresh aroma with intense notes of chocolate, with a sweet background tone, and a strong body (feeling of fullness on the palate), with medium to dark roast that allows highlight each of its exclusive features.
Coopeldos coffee is produced between 800 and 1,250 meters above sea level, which allows intensity in its organoleptic characteristics, highlighting a medium to intense acidity that provides a cup of excellent quality (Good Hard Been).
Green bean  
Pleasant appearance, Bluish Green.
Fragrance / aroma: 8.25. Noticeable sweetness marked. Intense chocolate, fruit, a small shade of rose, a small tone of species. Citrus - lemon, almond.
Taste: 8.0. Fruity, good persistence, strong (tangy). When cold retains the attraction, it stays pleasant, pleasant, chocolatoso with a tone of fruit.
Residual flavor / Aftertaste: 7.75 clean.
Acids: 7.75 Medium Strong
Body: 7.75 smooth smooth
Uniformity: 10
Balance: 8
Clean rate: 10
Sweetness: 10
Overall: 8
Arabica Coffee is exclusively grown ...
Caturra (70%)
Catuai (25%)
others (5%).

Production area:

The high mountain range of Tilarán and Abangares, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Our coffee is also high zone, more than 1000 M.S.N
Coffee quality:
The coffee that is produced in Coopeldos is of excellent quality, the processes of cultivation and beneficiation have made us worthy of renowned certifications that adapt to the needs of our selective clients.
Quality Awards:
Producers are continually rewarded for delivering coffee of excellent quality, with this they are encouraged to collect only coffee in optimal conditions.
It is done manually, selecting only ripe fruits, mature fruits are collected several times, until there is no coffee to be collected in the plant, increasing the selection and quality control of the collected grain.
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